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About the delegation of authorization, there is only one pre-requisite: the relationships between users and groups are only synchronized with groups which are already defined in the Sonar. So groups and related permissions must be first defined in Sonar.

Usage & Installation

  1. Download Install the LDAP plugin from the Update Center and restart the Sonar server. If you do not have access to the Internet, manually download the JAR file into $SONARthrough the Update Center or download it into the SONAR_HOME/extensions/plugins and restart directory
  2. Restart the Sonar server.
  3. Make sure that at least one user with global administration role exists in Sonar as well as in the external system
  4. Configure the LDAP plugin by editing the conf/ file (see below)

  5. Restart the Sonar server and check the log file for:

    INFO org.sonar.INFO Security realm: LDAP

    INFO o.s.p.l.LdapContextFactory Test LDAP connection: OK

  6. Log into Sonar


Configure Group Mapping: at least by specifing new mandatory property - "".


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