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StaxMate - the perfect companion for your Stax processor!


NOTE! Home Page moved to GitHub: documentation at FasterXML StaxMate Wiki.

(or: "StaxMate: Automatic Shifting for Streaming XML Processing")

For the impatient, you can quickly proceed to Download page; or browse Documentation (like Tutorial if you are new here?).


  • 0628-Feb-20112013: Finally remember to point the new Home Page .Fully moved to GitHub, with 2.2.0 release.
  • 20-Nov-2010: Released 2.0.1 patch release, see Download page
  • 17-Jun-2009: added links to , regarding commercial support.
  • 12-Mar-2009: Released 2.0.0: upgrade to using Stax2 v3.0 (~= Woodstox 4.0), access to Typed Access API
  • 06-Dec-2008: Released 1.3.1 patch release, couple of critical fixes
  • 03-Sep-2008: Released 1.3, with major internal cleanup (including serious addition of JavaDocs); extended functionality, more convenience methods for constructing factories, cursors, output elements and more support for Typed Access API
  • 01-Aug-2008: Released 1.2 maintenance version, which now fully support SJSXP (JDK 1.6 default stax impl), as well as Aalto
  • 29-Nov-2007: Released 1.1, significant internal refactoring (simpler and more robust synchronization of cursors), not many external changes. Tested with Woodstox 3.2.3.
  • 02-May-2007: Released 1.0! (pop up the champagne!)