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This plugin is compatible only up to SonarQube 5.0.

SonarQube 5.1+ provides all those features as built-in features.


Description / Features

The Issues Report plugin provides the ability to generate HTML report on issues.


To get an HTML report, set the sonar.issuesReport.html.enable property to true. To define its location, set the sonar.issuesReport.html.location property to an absolute or relative path to the destination folder for the HTML report. The default value is .sonar/issues-report.html/ for the SonarQube Runner and Ant, and target/sonar/issues-report.html/ for Maven. By default 2 html reports are generated:

  • The full report (default name is issues-report.html)
  • The light report (default name is issues-report-light.html) that will only contains new issues.

The light report is useful when working on legacy projects with a lot of many issues, since the full report may be hard to display in your web browser. You can skip full report generation using property sonar.issuesReport.lightModeOnly.

You can also configure the filename of the generated html reports using property

To display a short report in the console, set the sonar.issuesReport.console.enable property to true:

Finally, run a preview analysis that generates an HTML report: