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Finally, a simple observation of the code using reader will show that nowadays pretty much all code casts reader to AbstractGridCoverage2DReader in order to gain access to more meta information about coverages, in particular the grid coverage locacation and grid structure. In order to promote programming against interfaces a new GridCoverage2DReader interface will be created sporting the same common methods AbstractGridCoverage2DReader provides, along with variants that take the coverage name as a parameter.


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  1. AA: API changed based on BEFORE / AFTER
  2. Update default implementation
  3. Update wiki (both module matrix and upgrade to to 2.5 pages) |
  4. Remove deprecated code from GeoTools project
  5. Update the user guide
  6. Update or provided sample code in demo
  7. review user documentation

API Changes

    • GridCoverageReader
    • GridCoverage2DReader extends GridCoverageReader
    • AbstractGridCoverage2DReader
  1. AA: Update code to use the new interface instead of casting to AbstractGridCoverage2DReader (there will be a similar follow up in GeoServer)
  2. JG: Update documentation to use the new interface
    • Fix examples to use interface (rather than cast to AbstractGridCoverage2DReader) 
    • Make up an example on how to access more than one coverage