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  • Deprecation: Replace "GrammarFunctions.Standard.or(" by "GrammarFunctions.Standard.firstOf(". In most cases you should be able to do this by using "find text and replace".
  • Deprecation: Replace hamcrest matchers by fest-assertions. In order to quickly replace all assertThat(p, parse("XXXXXX")); by assertThat(p).matches("XXXXXXX"); you can use the following regular expression to do a search and replace (tested in Eclipse by Julien Henry):
    • Find: (?s)assertThat\(p\,\sparse\((.*?)\)\)\;
    • Replace with: assertThat(p).matches($1);
    • You can do the same for notParse => notMatches
    • (Dinesh) I actually recommend to replace "assertThat\(p, parse\((.*?)\)\);" by ".matches\($1\)" and add the assertThat(Parser) and final semicolon manually. The end-result looks better

SSLR 1.15

  • Source: Replace artifactId "sslr-devkit" by "sslr-toolkit".