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Implement a fully new COPY/PASTE detector algorithm


CPD, Algorithm, Simian


The current COPY/PASTE detector is based on PMD/CPD. CPD is pretty good open source implementation but which has two main drawbacks : there isn't too much activity on this library and it requires lot of memory to work so it can't be used to analyse millions of lines of code

Most COPY/PAST detector requires first to lex the source code in order to work with a list of tokens. This lexing mechanism is not part of this project which is really focused on the algorithm and CPU/Memory performances of this algorithm.
With this new algorithm, some new very valuable features could be implemented into Sonar : 

  • Find duplications across projects
  • Find code duplicated from Open Source projects


Freddy Mallet, Evgeny Mandrikov


It should be possible to analyse any amount of source code with a limited amount of memory.


Below is a list of links to some materials, which can be very useful during preparation of proposal , so we decided to share them with you :