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I am not getting expected new violations in the differential views of drill-down?

3 reasons can explain this:

  • This service only shows "Added Violations", not fixed ones. Therefore the number you see in this service can be different from the dashboard.
  • The algorithm used to detect if a violation is new is very good but still perfectible. Therefore new violations can sometimes appear only because Sonar did not recognize it existed already
  • You are looking at a period of X days which goes beyond the first analysis made after migration to Sonar 2.5. In this case there can be a discrepancy due to the fact that prior to 2.5, Sonar was not collecting the info necessary to build this service. This issue will disappear as soon as period does not go beyond first analysis.
Failed to analyse a project as another analysis on the same project seems to be running at the same time (Sonar 3.4 only)