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titleContainer configuration for the Daemon

For the Maven2/Maven3 plugin, the "daemonized server" is actually a local container with a hostname that points to a remote machine. This implies that:

  • You should not set the container type to a remote container nor add any remote deployers to the configuration; but instead define the container as a local container (with either a standalone or existing configuration)
  • When you define the home paths for the container and the configuration, remember these paths are for the machine where the Daemon is running (and, preferably, use absolute paths)

When you call the  cargo:daemon-start, the Maven2/Maven3 plugin will do the following:

  • If an installer is defined:
    • Download the archive locally
    • Send the archive over to the machine running the Daemon
    • Instruct the Daemon to extract the archive
  • If a standalone local configuration is defined, instruct the Daemon to create it
  • In all cases:
  • Finally, instruct the Daemon to start the container