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titleTable of Contents

Table of Contents

The Update Center is The Update Center is the place for keeping the Sonar platform up to date. It allows to:

  • List already installed plugins
  • Check and install plugins plugin updates
  • List available plugins and install desired new ones
  • Check Sonar platform updates

To take effect, most actions taken in the Update Center (updating a plugin...) will require Sonar to be restarted. The Update Center is only accessible to administrator through "Configuration" service: Settings > System > Update Center.

Installed Plugins

This tab displays the list of installed plugins and the list of system plugins. System plugins are the one that are built in Sonar core. They cannot be update updated nor un-installeduninstalled. Non-system plugins can be uninstalled by clicking on the "'Uninstall" ' button:

Available Plugins

This tab displays available plugins for your instance of Sonar version. They are grouped by category such as "'Additional Languages"', "'Visualization/Reporting"', etc. .. and can be install through installed by a simple click onto "on 'Install" ':

Plugins Updates

This tab shows new versions of installed plugins. When an update is available, it can be installed through by a simple click to "Upgrade To" on 'Upgrade to...':

System Updates

This tab shows new version available for Sonar and path to migration in terms of plugins update (plugins need to be upgraded, uninstalled, etc...) to the new version of Sonar. Installation of the new Sonar version is manual.


When taking an action in the update center (installing, updating or uninstalling a plugin), a yellow area appears in on each tab. The area contains pending operations that will be executed when restarting Sonar. Pending operations can be canceled until Sonar is restarted:


Update Center uses HTTP connection to external servers to provide those these services. If Sonar is located behind a proxy, additional information must be provided in the '' configuration file:

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