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  1. Install jpam
    1. Download jpam for your system from here
    2. Alternatively:
      1. Copy the jpam's native library following these directions
      2. Copy the jpam's native libray in sonar/bin/<your arch>/lib
  2. Install SonarQubeTM PAM plugin
    1. Place the jar plugin into the /extensions/plugins directory
    2. Make sure that at least one user with global administration role exists in SonarQubeTM as well as in the external system
    3. Update the SONARQUBE_HOME/conf/ file by adding the following lines:

      Code Block
      borderStyledashed PAM
      # Automatically create users.
      # When set to true, user will be created after successful authentication, if doesn't exists.
      # The default group affected to new users can be defined online, in SonarQube general settings. The default value is "sonar-users".
      # Default is false.
      # sonar.authenticator.createUsers: true
  3. Restart SonarQubeTM and check logs for:

    Code Block
    2012.11.24 20:32:34 INFO  org.sonar.INFO  Security realm: PAM
    2012.11.24 20:32:34 INFO  org.sonar.INFO  Security realm started
  4. Log in to SonarQubeTM