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This plugin is deprecated.

Please use the web service API or/and the Excel samples to extract data instead.


The CSV Export plugin allows to export the measures and the number of violations per file to a CSV file. 



  1. Copy the JAR file into the Install the plugin through the Update Center or download it into the SONARQUBE_HOME/extensions/plugins/ directory or use the Sonar update center to download the plugin
  2. Restart Sonar the SonarQubeTM server


Access the


CSV Export


page from the left sidebar

Known Limitations

  • Since Sonar SonarQubeTM 3.1, test files can have violations. The plugin currently does not export violations reported on test files, but this feature is planned for next release (1.4 - see SONARPLUGINS-2100)
  • The report can contain empty cells: this is not a bug (see SONARPLUGINS-2102) and it does not affect the results shown in the table (most of the time, an empty cell means "0").