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The C# Ecosystem has the following requirements on top of the Sonar SonarQubeTM ones:

  • Your C# code base must be developed with Visual Studio, and thus must contain a ".sln" file (.NET Solution).
  • If you want test metrics, unit tests must be isolated from the main code base in dedicated Visual Studio Projects. Also the test framework must be compatible with Gallio.
  • Supported versions are:

    C# language

    Up to 5.0

    .NET framework

    2.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5


    3, 4 and 5

    Visual Studio

    Tested with VS 2008, VS 2010 and VS 2012 ".sln" files.
    Older versions may also be supported (feel free to give feedback)


  1. Install the .NET and C# plugins from the Update Center
    • Prior to Sonar SonarQubeTM 3.5: you need to click on the "Install" button of all the 7 plugins
    • Since Sonar SonarQubeTM 3.5: you just need to click on the "Install" button of the C# group, this will install everything including the .NET plugins
  2. Restart the Sonar SonarQubeTM server

Installing the External Tools


titleWhere to Install the External Tools

This may sound obvious if you are already familiar with Sonar: Sonar SonarQubeTM analysis is not necessarily performed on the same machine as the one running your Sonar SonarQubeTM server. This means that you can run Sonar SonarQubeTM on a Linux box and run analyses on Windows boxes. The external tools have to be installed on the Windows boxes where analyses are performed.