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Download the code & try it out and see what you think. Browse the source code.
Got an itch to scratch, want to tune some operation or add some feature?


If you can create a JUnit test case (either via Groovy or Java code) then your issue is more likely to be resolved quicker.
Take a look at some of the existing unit tests cases, find one and modify it to try reproduce your problem.

Then we can add your issue to Git and then we'll know when its really fixed and we can ensure that the problem stays fixed in future releases.


Contributing Code

The preferred way of contributing code to Groovy is by submitting a Pull Request pull request to the project on Github.

The best workflow for this is to raise a new issue in the tracker (see below), fix the code in a branch on your forked project, and submit a pull request via the Github UI (mentioning the Jira Issue ID . Be sure to mention the JIRA issue id in the pull request, and then commenting the Jira ticket with the ID of the pull request add the pull request id to the JIRA ticket so that both can be are tied together). One This workflow you could use is described with more detail in a blog post here.

Submitting patches

We gladly accept patches if you can find ways to improve, tune or fix Groovy in some way.

Most IDEs can create nice patches very easily. If you're a command line person try the following to create the patch


diff -u >> patchfile.txt



git diff >> mymodif.patch

Once you've created a patch the best way to submit it is to raise a new issue in the issue tracker (see below) and maybe send us a mail on the developer list letting us know about the patchInstead of pull request we also accept patches. Please attach these to a JIRA issue

Whenever possible please submit enhancements and bugfixes with accompanying unit tests.

Using the issue tracker

Dune to JIRA spam-bots you have to register with Codehaus Xircles before accessing the issue tracker. Follow these steps: