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Since SonarQube3SonarQube 3.4, if a project cannot be accessed anonymously, the sonar.login and sonar.password properties are required to run an analysis on this project. These properties have to be set to the credentials of a user having the 'User' role on this project. You can set them either:


Multi-module and Multi-language Project

Since SonarQube3SonarQube 3.3, it is possible to run an analysis on a multi-module project whose modules contains source code from different languages.


To help you getting started, a multi-language project sample is available on github that can be browsed or downloadedprojects/languages/multi-language/multi-language-java-javascript-sonar-runner

Running Task

Before SonarQube3SonarQube 3.6, it was only possible to run a project analysis. Since SonarQube3SonarQube 3.6, it is possible to run other tasks such as: