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Removing Useless Data

When you ryun run a new analysis of your project, some data that were previously availabet available will no longer be (for example the source code of the previous analysis, measures at file level, etc.). These data will automatically be removed at the end of a new analysis.


  • All data older than 5 years old are deteleted
  • For each project:
    • only one analysis per month is kept over 1 year
    • only one analysis per week is kept over 1 month
    • only one analysis per day is kept over 1 day
  • All closed issues more than 30 days old are deleted
  • History at package/directory level is not kept
  • Snapshots including an event (new project version, new quality profile version, etc.) are not deleted

These settings can be changed at Settings > Configuration > General Settings > Database Cleaner.