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The Update Center is the place for keeping the SonarQube platform up to date. It allows you to:

  • List already installed plugins
  • Check and install plugin updates
  • List available plugins and install new ones
  • Check SonarQubeplatform SonarQube platform updates

To use any of these functions, your SonarQube server will have to have access to the internet. To take effect, most actions taken in the Update Center (updating a plugin...) will require the SonarQube server to be restarted. The Update Center is only accessible to System Administrators: Settings > System > Update Center.


When taking an action in the update center (installing, updating or uninstalling a plugin), a yellow area appears on each tab. The area contains pending operations that will be executed when restarting the serveronce SonarQube is restarted. Pending operations can be canceled until the server is restarted: