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Drop-down list to select the types of component to search for: projects, views, files, developers, etc.


Same as the Date criterion but a period has to be set instead of a date.
Example: only display components that have not been analyzed within the last 30 days.

AlertFilter by alert level (Error | Warning | Ok).
Available since SonarQube 3.7. 

Components of project

If the What? criterion is empty, only direct children will be displayed.
If the What? criterion is not empty, all the sub-components (of any sub-levels) of the What? type will be displayed.


Filters components based on the last build date.
Format: YYYY-MM-DD (2012-01-31)
Example: only display components that have been analyzed since January 31st, 2012.

Favourites only

If checked, only components flagged as favourites will be displayed.


Filters components whose key matches contains a given pattern

  • * to match zero or more characters
  • ? to match any single character



Drop-down list to select the languages to filter on.

MetricFilters components to those where a specific measure is greater than or less than a certain threshold.
Up to three "Metric" criteria can be defined.


Filters components whose name contains a given string.