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The search input field allows the user to choose the location of files or directories. It also supports auto-detection of the location using a list of suggestions. The field is basically a combobox with an extra button to trigger auto-detection (again).

The <spec> tag supports the following attributes:




(ignored when type="directory

The name of the file or directory to search for 
type Indicate whether "checkfilename" should be a file or directoryfile, directory
result What to return as the search resultfile, directory, parentdir
checkfilenamenoThe name of the file or directory to search for 

The <spec> element should also include one or more <choice> elements.  The value attribute may contain "*" which will be processed by the "Autodetect" feature to provide a full list of all matching paths on the target machine.


Code Block
<field type="search" variable="java_sdk_home">
  <description align="left"
               txt="This is a description for a search
               input field."
  <spec txt="Path to Java SDK:" checkfilename="lib/tools.jar"
        type="file" result="directory">
  <choice value="/usr/lib/java/" os="unix" />
  <choice value="/opt/java" os="unix" />
  <choice value="C:\Program Files\Java" os="windows" />
  <choice value="C:\Java" os="windows" />