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  • Update the pdf of the online documentation and commit it
  • perform a clean checkout into a new, empty directory

    Code Block
    mkdir groovy-release
    cd groovy-release
    git clone
  • create a temporary release branch and change to it

    Code Block
    cd groovy-core/
    (optional) git checkout branch_to_release_from
    git checkout -b release
  • Change the release version information

    Code Block
          groovyVersion = 2.0.0-rc-1
          groovyBundleVersion = 2.0.0-.rc-1
  • commit the change

    Code Block
     git commit -a -m "RC-1 version change"
  • Tag with that new release

    Code Block
      git tag -a GROOVY_2_0_5 -m "tagging release of Groovy 2.0.5"