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Abacus ComplexityCyclomatic Complexity
Simple<= 20
Medium20 < X <= 50
Complex50 < X <= 100
Very complex> 100

See the Abacus Plugin section to set your own thresholds.

At the file level, you can either use the Abacus tab or create a filter to display the abacus complexity measure.

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At the module or project level, a widget is available to display the average abacus complexity and the abacus complexity distribution.

The abacus complexity distribution can be displayed either in number of files or percentage.

See screenshots below.

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use this plug-in?

  • To help you estimate your effort of change more quickly and accurately and in a quicker way.
  • To help clients and providers argue less settle arguments about the effort of change as they will have a factual way to estimate required to make a change by providing a fact-based method of understanding the complexity of each file.