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As the documentation is generated in HTML, it is necessary to make it accessible from an URL.

SonarQubeTM server SonarQubeserver can be used but it is not recommended as it may affect SonarQubeTM performancesSonarQubeperformances. To configure it that way, set Web Server Deployment URL to http://localhost:9000 (may be different according to your configuration) and Documentation Path Generation to <sonar.install.dir>/war/sonar-server.


 Property NameMandatoryComments
sonar.doxygen.deploymentPathDocumentation Path GenerationYESDirectory path where the documentation will be generated.
If SonarQube TM server is used to access the documentation, the path should be set to: <sonar.install.dir>/war/sonar-server.
sonar.doxygen.deploymentUrlWeb Server Deployment URLYES

URL to display the generated documentation.
SonarQube TM server can be used to access the documentation.

sonar.doxygen.customPathDirectory Path containing header.html, footer.html and doxygen.css NOIn order to customize HTML documentation.


  1. Install the following tools (standard installation):

  2. Add the directories <doxygen.install.dir>/bin and <graphviz.install.dir>/bin as Path Environment Variables. Commands doxygen, dot, etc... must be recognized by the system.
  3. Stop SonarQubeTM serverSonarQubeserver.
  4. Copy the JAR file to the <sonar.install.dir>/extensions/plugins/ directory.
  5. Restart SonarQube TM server.
  6. Configure the plugin at global level and for each project.