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A language plugin provides the ability to run analysis on a specific language. More than 20 languages are currently supported. Available language plugins are:

.NET: VB.NET (Commercial) + C#

ABAP (Commercial)
C/C++ (Commercial)
C++ (Community)
Cobol (Commercial)
Delphi / Pascal
Flex / ActionScript


Natural (Commercial)
Pacbase (Commercial
PL/I (Commercial)
PL/SQL (Commercial)
Visual Basic 6 (Commercial)

Developer Tools

Developer Cockpit (Commercial) - Enables each developer to identify their individual contributions to a project, and fosters best practices in code quality self-management.

Eclipse - See defects gathered by SonarQube directly in Eclipse and fix them on the spot. (Limited language compatibility).

Issues Report - Run local analyses on your source code. (Compatible with all languages).


Branding - Adds your own logo to the SonarQube UI.

Build Breaker - Makes the build fail if pre-defined alert thresholds are hit.

Cutoff - Excludes files from analysis based on a date threshold, to analyze the work done on an existing code base and measure the quality of new code/changes only.

Fortify - Imports reports from Fortify: Fortify Security Rating, number of issues, and vulnerability issues. Vulnerability issues are recorded as SonarQube issues.

Google Analytics - Adds the Google Analytics tracking script to the SonarQube web application.

Google Calendar - Posts an event when a project is analysed by SonarQube.

Hudson - Enables launching SonarQube analysis from the Hudson CI engine.

Jenkins - Enables launching SonarQube analysis from the Jenkins CI engine.

Maven Report - Adds a link to the Maven site to reference the project's SonarQube dashboard.

Piwik - Submits usage of a SonarQube instance to a Piwik server.

SCM Activity - Collects and reports information on commits using SCM data.

Switch Off Violations - Excludes some violations in a fine-grained way.

Authentication & Authorization

Crowd - Enables delegation of SonarQube authentication to Atlassian Crowd.

LDAP - Enables the delegation of SonarQube authentication and authorization to LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory.

OpenID - Enables user authentication and Single Sign-On via an OpenID provider.

PAM - Enables the delegation of SonarQube authentication to the underlying PAM subsystem.

Visualization / Reporting

Doxygen - Generates the documentation of the application using Doxygen and Graphviz.

Motion Chart - Displays projects measures using the super sexy Google Motion Chart Gadget.

PDF Report - Generates a PDF report with the results of projects analysis.

Report (Commercial) - Provides a way to report information by sending a PDF report via email.

SCM Stats - Generates reports based on SCM change log information.

Tab Metrics - Adds a new tab to the component viewer containing information about all metrics for the file.

Timeline - Displays the history of multiple metrics using a Google Timeline Chart to replay the past.

Widget Lab - Adds new ways to look at existing data through new widgets.



Quality Index - Calculates a global Quality Index based on coding rules, Style, Complexity and Coverage by unit tests.

SIG Maintainability Model - Adds an implementation of the SIG MM to evaluate the maintainability of an application.

SQALE - Quality Model (Commercial) - Adds an implementation of the SQALE Methodology to compute technical debt, which supports the evaluation of a software application’s source code in the most objective, accurate, reproducible and automated way possible.

Technical Debt - Calculates the technical debt on every component of projects with a breakdown by duplications, documentation, coverage, complexity...

Total Quality - Provides an overall measure of the quality of a project, linking code quality, design, architecture, and unit testing.

Toxicity Chart - Stacks multiple static analysis metrics for classes, methods, or components within an application, providing a combined "toxicity" score for each area of the code base.

Views - Portfolio Management (Commercial) - Enables aggregation of projects. Projects can be grouped into applications, applications into teams, teams into departments...

Additional Metrics

Abacus - Estimates the complexity of each file in order to help you use the "abacus methodology".

Artifact Size - Reports on the size of the artifact generated by a project.

Build Stability - Reports on stability of project build using data from your Continuous Integration engine.

GreenPepper - Collects and reports tests results of executable specifications provided by GreenPepper.

JIRA Issues - Retrieves and reports the number of project issues from JIRA. Enables the creation of JIRA issues from the issues view of the component viewer.

JMeter - Displays JMeter test results in SonarQube.

Mantis - Retrieves and reports the number of project issues from Mantis.

Security Rules - Allows a more prominent reporting of security-related issues to help you keep them under control.

Sonargraph - Provides architecture governance features accompanied by metrics about cyclic dependencies and other structural aspects using Sonargraph.

Taglist - Generates a report on various tags found in the code, like @todo or //FIXME tags.

Thucydides - Reports on Thucydides (acceptance tests tool) metrics.

Toad CodeXpert - Makes rules from Toad CodeXpert available for the PL/SQL plugin.

Trac - Retrieves and reports the number of project issues from a Trac instance.

Useless Code Tracker Plugin - Reports on the number of lines that can be reduced in an application.

Violation Density - Computes a new metric named violation density. This is kind of "opposite" for rules compliance metric.


Language packs are plugins that change the language of the user interface. They rely on the browser language. Default English pack is embedded in SonarQube. Additional language packs are: Chinese, French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish