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Description / Features

This plugin handles Checkstyle ToDoComment rule and offers special reporting on issues from the Squid NoSonar rule and generates a report on various , which is available for multiple languages, and the Java-only Checkstyle ToDoComment rule. Each of these rules finds instances of specialized comments, or tags found in the code, like such as @todo or //TODO tags or //NOSONAR.

The reporting part is done by a widget that shows total number of tags found, and a repartition. A split is done between mandatory and optional tags. Mandatory tags are tags that have been defined with a CRITICAL or BLOCKER priority when activating the rule, optional are the ones with MAJOR, MINOR or INFO priority.

Include Page
Include - Plugin Installation
Include - Plugin Installation


  • Define the tags you want to hunt by creation of a Enable the //NOSONAR rule for languages where it is available:
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    You can define additional tags to flag with the creation of new rules from the "Checkstyle Comment pattern matcher" and activation rule template. Once created, be sure to activate them in your quality profile:

  • Also you can enable //NOSONAR rule:
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  • Run Once the rules are active in your profile, run a new analysis, and you'll get the following reportsadd the Tag List widget to your dashboard:


File /extensions/plugins/taglist/ not used since version 1.0.