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The first MRP-specific commit is 870e57d18ce7c99e8d8c00b5e0adfe7b2f953280 (Set up trunk directory) from Mon, 1 Jun 2009 16:00:10 +0200.


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x6444411cd32a01fd0f8caa911ebcb5fd3cc28b9887 (StackManager)

44411cd32a01fd0f8caa911ebcb5fd3cc28b9887 (StackManager)

5ff473b86fd7f4144cabd757d3c046ce3f45e42ex64, bootimageRunner printout cleanup, remove APR0cf9dbf84e254b2f01f013b233008caea392f507 (libvm.c SIZE_OF_POINTER changes)
dce47314b403ce7c095ec1625b8a5b2492c207b4x64. Used Da Feng's fix for the IR changes; rest still unprocessed.ecc7562406fd38bce74c5874999a24a861b163b0 (Da Feng's fix)
33f0837b0caa4dc280d956d0721e1bf19e108745MRP-236ea4feda95a52059d46a12be721047bf6a95be09 (replacement of "new AddressConstant(..)" with "IRTools.AC(..)")

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MRP CommitReasoning
870e57d18ce7c99e8d8c00b5e0adfe7b2f953280not useful: was reverted in 61c36f01e1009f7d2a5e8b0f5e41a68fcb6abea0

not useful: reverts 870e57d18ce7c99e8d8c00b5e0adfe7b2f953280

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