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If you upgrade from 0.1 to 0.2 or later you'll need to run a new analysis to see the widgets of authors Authors activity and commits per author widgets.

Description / Features

The plugin computes and feeds SonarQube with four (4) new metrics : Commits / Author, Commits / Clock Hour, Commits / Week Day and Commits / Month.
Five (5) project widgets ( under the SCM category ) display these metrics using graphical representations.


The "commits per author widget" displays only the top 10 authors ( list and pie chart )


The "Author activity" widget  widget (available since version 0.2) displays a stacked 3D bar chart about showing the top 10 authors activities activity types: New new files(green), modifications(blue) , deletions(red)


The other three widgets display in a bar chart charts for the number of commits / clock hour, week day or month.


If you plan to use this plugin with non-maven Maven projects, or SCM access is available only with username/password or no SCM information is included in project's pom.xml you have to must also install the SCM Activity plugin.


The properties for period 2 (sonar.scm-stats.period2) and period 3 (sonar.scm-stats.period3) can have the value of zero(0) but the plugin will ignore it. In other words, whole history stats, Stats for the entire history of a project will be collected only if sonar.scm-stats.period1property is set to zero(0). Negative values are ignored for all periods.


Since version 0.3, the plugin allows you to set a list of authors to ignore (sonar.scm-stats.authors.ignore) and a list of author name synonyms to merge author names into single authors (sonar.scm-stats.authors.merge).
If you want to set them using the project / global settings then , add one author (ignored or merged) in each value.
If you want to pass them as analysis arguments then you have to add the comma (, ) between authors must be comma-delimited.
Example for ignored authors: -Dsonar.scm-stats.authors.ignore=author1,author2,author3

Example for ignored merged authors: -Dsonar.scm-stats.authors.merge="author1=author;AUTHOR1,author2=author22;Author2;authOr2"