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Project administrators can select which quality profile to use for each language on their project. Go to Configuration > Quality Profiles:

Excluding Files

It is possible to exclude files from being analyzed. Go to Configuration > Settings > Exclusions and set the sonar.exclusions property.

Since version 3.3, it is also possible to:







titleCoding rules

If you want to exclude source code from being check against some coding rules, you can have a look at the Switch Off Violations plugin.

Since version 3.5, it is also possible to:

  • Set the files to be analyzed through the sonar.inclusions and sonar.test.inclusions properties. In this case, only these specific files will be analyzed.
  • Exclude some files from being checked against duplications. To do so, set the sonar.cpd.exclusions property (Configuration > Settings > Duplications).

There are two different ways to exclude/include files: using fully a qualified name or an absolute path. A fully qualified name should be used whenever possible.

Fully qualified name of the component (see red frames below):
Image Removed

For Java only, replace '.' package separator by '/' and add '.java' extension.

Code Block
# Exclude all classes ending by 'Bean'
# Matches,,, etc.
# Exclude all classes in the 'org.sonar' package
# Matches,
# But does not match
# Exclude all classes in the 'org.sonar' package and its children
# Matches,,


Absolute path: relative path must be used whenever possible

Code Block
# Exclude all the java classes contained in a src/generated/java directory and its subdirectories

See Narrowing the Focus.

Customizing Links

To add links to your project, click on Links in the left menu: