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End of Support of WAR deployment Mode

The standalone mode is now the only mode that is supported. Standalone mode embeds a Tomcat server.

Do Not Override Configuration Files

As stated in the Upgrade guide, do not copy-paste the configuration files (conf directory) from the old version. Update the content of the new files instead.

End of Support of WAR deployment Mode

TBD - SONAR-4577

conf/wrapper.conf and conf/ have been changed -> be careful when applying previous configuration. Do not replace files.

Standalone Mode - Move from Jetty to Tomcat 

Changed properties :

  • sonar.web.jettyRequestLogs=../../logs/jetty-yyyy_mm_dd.request.log  -> replaced log  =>  replaced by sonar.web.accessLogs.enable=true
  • sonar.web.jetty.threads.min=5   -> replaced 5  =>  replaced by sonar.web.http.minThreads
  • sonar.web.jetty.threads.max=50 -  => replaced by sonar.web.http.maxThreads


Measures Filters

All existing filters using the "Key contains* criteria will criterion have to be updated. For instance, if the value was "*Plugin*" to match all projects containing the word "Plugin", it will have to be updated to "Plugin", otherwise, no result will be find.

Location of


Temporary Files on Batch Side

Temporary files generated on batch side used to be stored in the "" folder, but  folder. But the cleanup mechanism was not always correctly properly working. SONAR-4748 fixes this issue , and the previous non-deleted files located in the "" folder can be safely removed safely.