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Backport175 comes with an IntelliJ IDEA Plugin. It has been tested on IDEA 4.5.


Get the latest version of the plugin from the Downloads page.

Unzip it to your IDEA_INSTALL/plugins/ folder so that it looks like

You will have to wait the next version of IDEA for the Plugin Manager to work.


Once installed the plugin allow to add the backport175 compiler to your module. Select your module within your IDEA project, and select the Build > Enable Backport175 in the menu to activate backport175 to this module only.

Activation is persisted in your iws file.

When you will build, the annotation will be compiled into the compiled class file just a the Java 5 compiler would do with Java 5 annoations.

Errors (like bad annotation syntax) are reported as compilation errors and will appear in the "Problem" view.
You will have to fix them or IDEA cannot build succesfully your project.

Errors location are marked with a red @ icon.
Successfully compiled are marked with a green @ icon.
Ignored annotation (f.e. regular JavaDoc) are not marked at all.


(since 1.0)
If you are using an file, this one must be placed in your IDEA module root (hence you must have one per module), and named ""


Select your module and select Build > Disable backport175 in the menu.


Logs is send to the IDEA log4J system.
Turn it on with the following snip in your IDEA_INSTALL/bin/log.xml file:

Code Block
	<category name="org.codehaus.backport175">
       		<priority value="DEBUG"/>
       		<appender-ref ref="FILE"/>