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Module Maintainer:

Bryce Nordgren



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(red star) IP Check: review.txt needed
(star) Releasable: no blocking issues, but feedback from potential users is appreciated
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(star) Stability: based on GeoAPI interfaces
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Mission Statement


JTS Wrapper provides mission critical implementations of ISO 19107 GeoAPI interfaces backed by the Java Topology Suite, empowering other GeoTools modules to migrate off of direct dependency on JTS.

Module Summary

This module is an implementation of the ISO 19107/OGC Topic 1 geometry interfaces, backed by the Java Topology Suite (JTS). As such, it is closely tied to the corresponding interfaces in the GeoAPI project and may be vulnerable to change.


  • Java 1.4
  • JTS 1.4+ (JTS 1.4 and 1.7 are known to work)
  • GeoAPI 2.0 (Java 1.4 version)
  • GeoTools Main Module (for BasicFactories)

Note: that the direct dependencies on other GeoTools modules are primarily for the factories, which instantiate GeoAPI implementations. This module could be further isolated from the rest of GeoTools if it had some self-contained method of locating factories in other modules.

IP Issues

What needs to be done to "bless" this module? Can this be offloaded to some legal beagle?


Go through the headers (please!) and just check that the right people (ie SYS Technologies) have copyright, and that GeoTools PMC has (c) for the current year, and that the LGPL is somewhere in the header.

We need a link to a review.txt file.

Recent Development

For the 2.3.x branch the JTS Geometry module has:

  • Been donated by Sys Technologies, inc.
  • Been refactored into the GeoTools namespace by Colin Combe
  • Been reviewed by Bryce.

Module Status

The JTS Geometry module is new code for 2.3.x. It is currently attached to issue GEOT-414. It will be committed to a branch in subversion early next week...

Outstanding Issues

Issues pertaining directly to this implementation:

JIRA Issues

Potentially relevant issues pertaining to the GeoAPI interfaces implemented by this code:

JIRA Issues


This code was originally written by employees of Sys Technologies, Inc., and has been donated to GeoTools/Open source. This code was refactored into the Geotools namespace by Colin Combe.

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