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Perhaps you are not seeing stellar Jikes™ RVM performance. If Jikes RVM as described above is not competitive product JVMs, we recommend you test your installation with the DaCapo benchmarks. We expect Jikes RVM performance to be very close to Sun's HotSpot 1.5 server running the DaCapo benchmarks (see our Nighlty DaCapo performance comparisionspage for the daily data).   Of course, running DaCapo well does not guarantee that Jikes RVM runs all codes well.


The Jikes RVM developers wish to ensure that Jikes RVM delivers competitive performance. If you can isolate reproducible performance problems, please let us know.

Stability of Jikes RVM

Jikes RVM is not as stable as commercial JVMs such as HotSpot or J9. Design your evaluation systems (e.g. scripts) so that they can deal with crashes and deadlocks/livelocks. The latter can be dealt with by running Jikes RVM with a timelimit. For example, if you are using Linux and shell scripts, you can use the timelimit program to terminate the Jikes RVM after a set time.