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Using the Jetty RPMs


RPM (RedHat Package Manager) is a popular way of distributing applications on RedHat Linux Derived Distros. Here is a step on how to make a RPM package for Jetty6,

Note: this one is only for RedHat-based distros like CentOS, Feodora, RedHat, etc. For Debian-based distros, see Debian Packages.

The steps to use RPMS are

  1. Obtain the Jetty RPMs. These are build and distributed with each Jetty release since 6.1.5. You can also build the jetty RPMS from source.
  2. Install the prerequisits RPMs and packages (eg java and ant).
  3. Install the Jetty RPMs.
  4. Configure and run

Installing Web Applications

Once your Jetty6 rpm is installed you can deploy your webapps at /var/lib/jetty6/webapps

Starting and Stopping Jetty

The Jetty start script is installed in /etc/init.d and linked to the /etc/rc3.d directory so that it is started at boot time. It can also be manually started and stopped:

Starting Jetty


sudo service jetty start

Stopping Jetty


sudo service jetty stop

Jetty Logs

  •    Jetty logs are found at /var/log/jetty6
  •    you can view the logs at runtime by using tail -f, this will enable you to view the logs, in realtime

   tail -f yourjetty.log

Jetty RPM File Structures

jetty6-6.1-*.noarch.rpm - Jetty RPM Package

Requires: jetty6-lib

Output Files:

  • /etc/init.d/jetty - Jetty6 Startup Script for Redhat Based Linux Service Daemon, this file is added in chkconfig so that this will automatically start jetty as a service
  • jetty-home (located at /usr/share/jetty6) - contains start.jar, Licences, README.txt, resources and VERSIONS.txt
  • jetty-conf (located at /etc/jetty6) - contains jetty configuration files
  • /etc/jetty6/contexts - where you will add your contexts
  • jetty-webapps (located at /var/jetty6/webapps) - where you will deploy your web-applications
  • jetty-logs (located at /var/log/jetty6) - where log files are located

jetty6-lib-6.1-*.noarch.rpm - Jetty Library RPM Package

Requires: jetty6-jsp-2.0-api, jetty6-jsp-2.1-api and jetty6-servlet-2.1-api, mx4j >= 3.0

Output Files:

  • jetty6-lib (located at /usr/share/java/jetty6-lib) - Jetty JAR libraries namely, jetty, jetty-util annotations, jetty-management, jetty-setuid and

jetty6-jsp-2.0-api-6.1-*.noarch.rpm - Jetty JSP 2.0 API RPM Package

Requires: jakarta-commons-el, xerces-j2, ant

Output Files:

  • /usr/share/java/jetty6-jsp-2.0-api - JSP 2.0 JAR libraries and other libraries

jetty6-jsp-2.1-api-6.1-*.noarch.rpm - Jetty JSP 2.1 API RPM Package

Requires: ant

Output Files:

  • /usr/share/java/jetty6-jsp-2.1-api - JSP 2.1 JAR libraries and other libraries

jetty6-servlet-2.5-api-6.1-*.noarch.rpm - Jetty Servlet 2.5 API RPM Package

Requires: none

Output Files:

  • /usr/share/java/jetty6-servlet-2.5-api - contains Servlet 2.5 JAR library

    jetty6-samples-6.1-*.noarch.rpm - Jetty Samples RPM Package

Requires: jetty

Output Files:

  • installs sample web-app in /var/jetty6/webapps, namely: test and test-jaas sample web-apps

Contact the core Jetty developers at
private support for your internal/customer projects ... custom extensions and distributions ... versioned snapshots for indefinite support ... scalability guidance for your apps and Ajax/Comet projects ... development services from 1 day to full product delivery