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The final question was geared toward the value of OSGeo as a foundation. Here are some notes on the value of OSGeo:

  • GeoTools Developers - guidance with the few legal issues raised (how to we write a contributor agreement etc...)
  • GeoTools Users - documentation! While we could approach OSGeo for funding I would feel uncomfortable accepting money until we are through graduation.
  • GeoServer developers - contacts with other projects; in particular the #osgeo channel is well received
  • gvSig Developers - brand recognition

Demo Theatre

The Demo Theatre was very well received; and for me at least it was a great way to see what projects were while basking in the warm glow of caffine and/or lunch. There were a few standout presentations (route finder, open street maps and gvSig did really well). Most of the usual suspects were much too busy doing presentations - so this stage ended up being a good view of the exhibitors and interesting little projects.