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  1. Copy $JSW/lib/ to <install_directory>/bin/<platform>/lib
  2. Copy $JSW/bin/wrapper to <install_directory>/bin/<platform>
  3. Copy $JSW/bin/demoapp to <install_directory>/bin/<platform>. Rename it "sonar" (or ""), edit and set the variables APP_NAME and APP_LONG_NAME to "sonar", WRAPPER_CONF to "../../conf/wrapper.conf"
  4. Replace <install_directory>/lib/wrapper-3.2.3.jar by $JSW/lib/wrapper.jar
  5. The script <install_directory>/bin/<platform>/sonar is ready to start and stop the standalone server


titleIssue with JRuby 1.6.6 / 1.6.7For versions prior to 4.0

Due to the following JRuby issue:, the following line has to be added in SONARQUBE_HOME/conf/wrapper.conf:

Code Block

Note that this will no longer be necessary when JRuby is upgraded to version 1.7+ in SonarQube: SONAR-4045