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Groovy 2.0.4

Groovy 2.0.4 is now available in Groovy-Eclipse as an optional add-on.  We have not yet made the compiler default because we make our default compiler compatible with the default compiler of the latest release of Grails.  At the time of this release, Grails is at version 2.1.1, which uses Groovy 1.8 as its compiler.  When Grails moves to being based on Groovy 2.2.x, Groovy-Eclipse will move its default compiler as well.


We have updated the JDT feature patch to be based off of JDT version 3.8.1, which is the version used in Eclipse 4.2.1 as well as 3.8.1.

Add project-level warning if compiler levels


do not match

There is now a project setting that records the last compiler level that compiled it.  You can access this setting in the Groovy Compiler settings page for the project: