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This plugin also enables the computation of:


titleOn by default

This plugin is enabled by default for all projects.

If this plugin is enabled for a project, but its settings are neither configured nor discoverable (e.g. available in a pom.xml file) analyses for the project will fail.

SCM Activity The SCM Activity plugin can be disabled on a project-by-project basis, or disabled globally at Settings > General Settings > SCM Activity and then enabled on a project-by-project basis.



Include Page
Include - Plugin Installation
Include - Plugin Installation


Configuring the SCM Activity Plugin: SVN, Git and Mercurial

Information are automatically retrieved from the .git, .svn, etc. folders. Therefore, nothing has to be configured.

Configuring the SCM Activity Plugin: SCM other than SVN, Git and Mercurial

At the project level, go to Configuration > Settings > SCM Activity

  1. Set the SCM URL of your project (see SCM URL Format): sonar.scm.url properties. For Git, SVN and Mercurial, the SCM provider is automatically discovered, so what's defined in this property is ignored.

  2. Specify User (sonar.scm.user.secured) and Password (sonar.scm.password.secured) the User and Password properties if needed. If it is set, developerConnection will be used, otherwise connection will be used. If your sonar.scm.url contains the the SCM URL property contains the user information (as with CVS), then these fields should be left blank.
  3. Launch a new quality analysis and the metrics will be fedcomputed.


titleSecurity note for SonarQube 3.4.0 to 3.6.3 included

For the *.secured properties to be read during the project analysis, it is necessary to set the sonar.login and sonar.password properties to the credentials of a user that is:

  • System administrator
  • And project administrator on the project that is being analyzed
sonar-runner -Dsonar.login=admin -Dsonar.password=admin