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by Marcos Sanchez Provencio (see this note).

You need the Npgsql data provider (included with Mono).

Code Block
import Npgsql

connectionString = "Server=tequila;Database=tutos;USER ID=marcos"
dbcon = NpgsqlConnection(connectionString)
dbcmd = dbcon.CreateCommand()
sql = "SELECT firstname, lastname FROM employee"
dbcmd.CommandText = sql;
reader = dbcmd.ExecuteReader()
while reader.Read():
    FirstName = reader["firstname"]
    LastName = reader["lastname"]
    print "Name: $FirstName $LastName"

Compiling and running:

No Format
marcos@quina:~/src/boo/bin $ ./booc.exe -r:Npgsql.dll  ../examples/
marcos@quina:~/src/boo/bin $ ./pruebaPostgreSQL.exe
Name: Marcos Sanchez Provencio
Name: Ernesto Molina Carron

See also Database Recipes and ADO.NET resources.