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Applications created with Boo

This page itemizes free and commerical applications written in boo. For information about which development environment to use with boo, refer to the General Help.

  • Free / Open Source
    • db4o boo browser - by Rodrigo B. de Oliveira - a browser for the db4objects native object database engine
    • Brail - by Ayende Rahien is a template/view engine for the MonoRail web framework.
    • Specter Framework - by Andrew Davey, Cedric Vivier - a behavior-driven development framework for the CLI.
    • boobs - by Georges Benatti  - a build system written in Boo, inspired by Rake.
    • Goomba - by ckknight, Botty, and aCiD2 is a boo IRC bot used.
    • Piorun - by Dominik Zablotny, a jabber client written in boo
    • BooMake - by Steve Donovan, a build language
    • DotNet OpenID - an OpenID library written in boo by JanRain
    • BooTE (zip file, MIT license) - Boo template engine by Michael Hansen. BooTE is meant to be like Erb for Ruby and includes an application for compiling view scripts (or echoing the result). When compiled, unknown variable references are changed into lookups in a dictionary that can be optionally passed into the engine.
    • Stub - String templating engine written in boo by Matt McElheny. See this description.
    • Kvark's Reality Interface - by Dmitry Malyshev, an OpenGL 3.x game engine.
    • Renraku OS - by Cody Brocious, a managed research kernel for x86. Updates on the author's blog.
  • Commercial
    • Trelliswerk has .NET Scripting Excel Edition, FlowStation Desktop Edition, and other products in development that use boo.
    • Unity is a game engine that supports scripting in boo and other languages. See the whitepaper.
  • No Longer Active
    • BooGame - a game engine by Rob Loach
    • Boodle - by Arron Washington, Mike Hansen and others is a standalone interactive boo interpreter, similar to Python's IDLE.
    • Boo Explorer IDE (boox) - a development IDE, included with boo in the extras folder.
    • Boo Reflector - by Ayende Rahien is an addin for the Reflector tool to decompile assemblies to boo code.
    • BooRules (zip file) by Michael Rose is a rules engine using the rete algorithm from Pychinko.
    • boox - A simple boo sourc editor found in the extra folders. boox was built on earlier boo version in .Net 1.1.
    • CodeInjection Library - by Mario Gutierrez. See these notes and these notes for some more info.