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Even if PIT detects "survived mutants" on uncovered lines of code, these mutants are simply ignored by the plugin.


Usage & Installation

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Include - Plugin Installation
Include - Plugin Installation


Limitations of mutation testing




Henri Coles, creator of PIT, gave very useful tips on the PIT mailing list to help reduce PIT execution time:

  • Target only specific portions of your codebase (using the class
  • Limit the mutation operators used
  • Limit the number of mutations per class
  • Tweak the number of threads

Check out the "Advanced configuration properties" at the bottom of this page to address the above points.


SonarQube server installation 

On the SonarQube side, just copy the sonar-pitest-plugin jar to the extensions/plugins directory just like any regular SonarQube plugin. 


Since mutation testing is not (yet) officially supported by SonarQube, this plugin acts as a "single rule" rule engine... This rule, named "Survived mutant", is disabled by default and hence needs to be activated when pitest is used.