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You'd like to contribute to SonarQube but don't have a killer idea to start from. Here are several some suggestions of possible plugins:




License analysis by integrating


Check spelling in Javadocs, string constants, ...

Removed Plugins

Here is the list of plugins that were These plugins have been removed from the forge either because they were deprecated or never released:

  • Ada
  • Basic Cocomo
  • Code Size
  • Comparing
  • CQL
  • Debug
  • Delphi/Pascal
  • Email
  • JLint
  • Profiler
  • Radiator
  • Rules Meter
  • Sonar Replay
  • SonarJ
  • Testability Explorer
  • Twitter
  • W3C markup Validation

Source code of those for these plugins can be found at revision 6107 of the Codehaus SVN repository: