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  • Administer System: Ability to perform all administration functions for the instance: global configuration and personalization of default dashboards.
  • Administer Quality Profiles: Ability to perform any action on the quality profiles. Available since version 3.6.
  • Execute Analysis: Ability to execute analyses (project, view, report, developer), and to get all settings required to perform the analysis, even the secured ones like the scm account password, the jira account password, and so on. Available since version 3.7.
  • Execute Preview Analysis: Ability to execute preview analysis (results are not pushed to the server). This permission does not include the ability to access secured settings such as the scm account password, the jira account password, and so on. This permission is required to execute preview analysis in Eclipse or via the Issues Report plugin. Available since version 3.7. Was Local Analysis (Dry Run) prior to version 4.0.
  • Provision Projects: Ability to initialize project structure before first analysis. Available since version 4.0.
  • Share Dashboards and Filters: Ability to share dashboards, issue filters and measure filters. Available since version 3.7.


Project Permissions

Four different permissions can be set on project-level resources (projects, views, developers):


Create first some permission templates via Settings > Project Permissions > Permission Templates:

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Since version 4.1, it is possible to provide a Project key pattern. By default, every new project matching this key pattern will be granted permissions of this template.

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Then, apply permission templates to projects (either to a specific one through the the Apply permission template link or do some bulk changes through the the Bulk Change link).

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Note that there is no relation between a project and a permission template, meaning that: