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titleLet SonarQube Drive the Execution of ReSharper
sonar.resharper.timeoutMinutes=10  #optional
sonar.resharper.dotSettings.path=$(SolutionDir)/My.DotSettings #optional 
sonar.resharper.additionalArguments=/properties="Configuration=Debug;ProcessorArchitecture=x86"   #optional

Where the value of sonar.resharper.dotSettings.path (optional) is the path to your ReSharper settings customization file (created by the ReSharper "Options" dialog in Visual Studio). Note: If the DotSettings file exists in the same folder as the .sln file and has the same base name as the solution (ex: MySolution.sln and MySolution.DotSettings), ReSharper will automattically use the file without having to provide it in this property.  Providing a value here will override the name-based DotSettings file, which will then not be used.

And the value of sonar.reshaper.additionalArguments is added to the inspectcode command line. Values can be determined using the /help parameter to inspectcode and here:  The /properties argument can be used to provide MSBuild values and the undocumented /plugin can be used to include a local ReSharper plugin.


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titleDeactivating the plugin