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PicoContainer is a mature dependency injector framework similar to spring-core or Guice. It presents the advantage to be quite small (~260Ko) and yet very complete.

The advantages of dependency injection are numerous


Injection by constructor :

(see http://picocontainer.codehaus.orgcom/constructor-injection.html)
PicoContainer supports many types of injections but the preferred way is to pass dependencies in the constructor.


Injection by provider :

(see http://picocontainer.codehaus.orgcom/providers.html)
Provider gives more flexibility to construct the component instance and it is useful to do some works prior to instantiation.


Injection of primitives :

(see http://picocontainer.codehaus.orgcom/component-configuration.html)
PicoContainer gives the possibilities to inject primitives (String, Integer, ...). They are resolved by name and it is used to inject the install file name in components.

How to add a component in IzPack