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Duplicated blocks


Number of duplicated blocks of lines.

For a block of code to be considered as duplicated:

  • Non-Java projects:
    • There should be at least 100 successive and duplicated tokens.
    • Those tokens should be spread at least on:
      • 30 lines of code for COBOL
      • 20 lines of code for ABAP
      • 20 lines of code for Natural
      • 10 lines of code for other languages

  • Java projects:
    • There should be at least 10 successive and duplicated statements whatever the number of tokens and lines.

Differences in indentation as well as in string literals are ignored while detecting duplications.

Duplicated filesduplicated_filesNumber of files involved in a duplication.
Duplicated lines
duplicated_linesNumber of lines involved in a duplication.
Duplicated lines (%)duplicated_lines_density

Density of duplication = Duplicated lines / Lines * 100