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Types of component to search for: projects, views, files, developers, etc.

AlertFilter by alert level (Error | Warning | Ok).
Available since SonarQube 3.7. 

Components of

If the Components criterion is empty, only direct children will be displayed.
If the Components criterion is not empty, all the sub-components (of any sub-levels) of the Components type will be displayed.


Filters components based on the last analysis date.
Format: YYYY-MM-DD (2012-01-31)
Example: only display components that have been created analyzed since January 1st31st, 20142012.

Favorites only

If checked, only components flagged as favorites will be displayed.

Key contains

Filters components whose key contains a given string.


Drop-down list to select the languages to filter on.

Last analysis

Same as the Date criterion but a period has to be set instead of a date.
Example: only display components that have not been analyzed at least once since January 1st, 2014within the last 30 days.

MetricFilters components to those where a specific measure is greater than or less than a certain threshold.
Up to three "Metric" criteria can be defined.

Name contains

Filters components whose name contains a given string.