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Include - Plugin Installation
Include - Plugin Installation


The SonarQube Runner, Maven or Ant can be used to run analysis on Android projects.


Run an Analysis with the SonarQube Runner (Recommended method)

To run an analysis of your Android project, use the SonarQube Runner.

A sample project is available on GitHub that can be browsed or downloaded on GitHub:




Run an Analysis with the other Analyzers

Maven and Ant can also be used to launch analysis on Android projects.

Code Coverage

To display code coverage data:

  1. Prior to the SonarQube analysis, execute your unit tests and generate the Emma 2.0 reports (.em and .ec files)
  2. Import these reports while running the SonarQube analysis by setting the property to the path of the directory containing the Emma reports. The path may be absolute or relative to the project base directory for standard projects, relative to the module base directory for multi-module projects.


See Metrics documentation page.


  1. Download the XML file containing the SQALE model
  2. Log in as a System administratorAdministrator
  3. Go to Settings > SQALE > ImportBack Up / Export Restore > Merge modelModel
  4. Upload the XML file
  5. Click on "Merge selected files"Restore