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Debugging a Plugin
  • Start Jenkins and SonarQube plugin with embedded Jetty :

    Code Block
    mvn hpi:run

    For testing purposes you can also specify version of Jenkins, which is greater than version used for compilation :

    Code Block
    mvn hpi:run -Dhudson.version=1.351
  • browse to http://localhost:8080
  • Jetty automatically detects compilation updates then restarts. Very useful.

Outdated info

  • edit the file ~/ :

    Code Block
    userName=[ username]
    password=[ password]
  • tag subversion and upload the release:

    Code Block
    $ cd plugins
    $ mvn -N install
    $ cd sonar
    $ mvn release:prepare release:perform -Dusername=[ username] -Dpassword=[ password]
  • add the changelog to release notes.
  • Parent POM for Jenkins Plugins has been changed on org.jenkins-ci.plugins:plugin since Jenkins version 1.396
  • has been relocated to since version 1.61