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A todo/wish list for stuff to include in Boo.Lang.Useful.dll - a library of helper classes and functions for boo users.

All the code in Boo.Lang.Useful would be in boo, not C#.

Useful things about Boo contains documentation on members present in the assembly.



  • fireAndForget - used to asynchronously invoke a method without having to worry to call EndMethod to clean up the asynchronous call.
  • performTransaction - in the examples folder
  • timeIt - used to time how long a section of code takes.
  • with - in the examples folder included with boo

Compiler Steps & Pipelines

  • Doc step - generates XML documentation from the docstrings in your boo code, which can be used by NDoc to generate HTML documentation.
  • Macro helper scripts - Anything that could help developers creating boo macros/attributes would be nice. See for example the script at the bottom of Compiler Steps, it shows how the AST is transformed after each step, in XML or boo form.
  • Style checker - there's a sample pipeline in the examples folder that checks the style of your boo code (like prefixing private fields with an underscore, for example)
  • AutoImport - in the examples folder

Helper Classes

  • Set Class - needs to be recoded in boo instead of C#
  • Boo.Dynamic? - See the bottom of the Duck Typing page for examples of python-like and other dynamic IQuackFu-based classes we could create.