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This page will attempt to summarize the generalities involving creating binary packages (.rpm, .deb, what have you) of boo. The specifics of each packaging system are beyond the scope of this document. Please refer to the documention for whatever packaging system you are using for any of those specifics.

NAnt vs autotools

Having acknowledged that packaging nant is currently both a daunting, and seemingly pointless endevour for most packagers, boo releases starting with boo-0.5.3 have included a autotools generated tarball which includes all of the necessary pieces to do a binary install of boo. The only way to compile boo currently is to use NAnt. Duplicating the entire build system in both nant and autotools is not currently a goal or priority for anyone actively contributing to boo. Those wishing to package boo as built from source should take a look at the how to compile boo page for more details.

Dependencies for binary autotools tarballs.

Currently, the autotooled tarballs depend on having shared-mime-info.pc and gtksourceview-1.0.pc around during the configure stage. This is to ensure that the proper location for the mime and gtksourceview stuff for the system is detected.

gacutil is also required to install the boo libraries into the GAC.

Installation Process

The installation process for the tarballs is just like any other autotools using project:

$ ./configure --prefix=/some/prefix
$ make (doesn't really do anything, as everything is compiled already)
$ make DESTDIR=/some/fake/root install

Packagers should note that as usual the DESTDIR variable can/should be overriden to point to any "fake root" that may be used to create packages.


Any issues with or questions regarding the tarballs can be directed to the Boo development list, latexer on IRC in #boo on, or to Pete directly by emailing latexer AT please_remove_me_when_emailing gentoo DOT org.

Currently the binary packages do not install the boo nant task assembly into any place where nant can find it. Packagers wishing to make the boo nant tasks available in any nant packages they may have will want to take care to put the Boo.NAnt.Tasks.dll inside whatever directory the rest of the nant assemblies live in.