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There is a delegation scheme like

  • ScriptBytecodeAdapter.invokeMethod(...) (static method)
    • InvokerHelper.invokeMethod(...) (static method)
      • Invoker.invokeMethod(...) (instance method called on InvokerHelper's single instance)

MetaClass and MetaClassRegistry


Exceptions (when MetaClass.invokeMethod(...) is not used):

  • for Closures, Closure.invoke(...) is used
  • for GroovyObjects obj of type GroovyInterceptable, obj.invokeMethod(methodName,asArray(arguments)) is called
  • for any other GroovyObject obj when method invokation through its MetaClass fails, obj.invokeMethod(methodName,asArray(arguments)) is called

MetaClass.invokeMethod(...) finally cares for the invokation, either by reflection or by dynamic bytecode generation. Dynamic bytecode generation is supposed to be faster. For a class MyClass it generates gjdk.groovy.lang.MyClass_GroovyReflector with an invoke method.