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Currently, Maven only supports unit testing out of the box. What we want is something flexible enough to work without having to make test definitions arbitrary.

Types of Tests

Unit Tests

  • run before package
  • want 100% success before moving on generally

Integration Tests

  • require the artifact, so run after package but before install.
  • generally want 100% before moving on.
  • May use junit or other plugin like cactus, including deploying to a server

Acceptance Tests

  • also called functional or regression tests.
  • not run every time, probably a report and/or part of a profile.
  • run after install, before deploy
  • Regression tests (acceptance tests from previous milestones) should be at 100%
  • acceptance (also called functional) tests only need to get to 100% at release time.
  • performance/stress tests - another form of acceptance test.

Use cases

  • plugin integration tests (c.f. eclipse plugin)
  • report integration tests (see Vincent S's work - htmlunit)
  • cactus plugin
  • geronimo itest plugin
  • need to be able to compile additional sources, have own dependencies (basically reapply the whole test lifecycle again - given that this also matches the main one, perhaps that can be reusable/forked)
  • we should have a setup and teardown phase around the actual test goal
  • may want to reapply test stuff on other test sets (eg junit report, clover)

separate project is ideal, but

  • a bit unnatural, more strung out
  • doesn't fit IDE well
  • you can still use it if you support in project tests, so better to do that

While a separate project might be something we recommend, I think we need to support them within the same project.